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Discover Vivint Solar in Your Area

  • Current solar markets: California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Primary office location: Lehi, Utah
  • Did you know? Vivint Solar announced in July 2015 that it’s expanding its market to New Mexico and Nevada.

Learn more about Vivint solar panels and service

Vivint Solar claims that it’s committed to providing residential solar solutions that are affordable and offering customers with award-winning care, in addition to benefits and no up-front costs. Not only does the company’s website state that Vivint customers are eligible for price protection, but customers could also pay 20-30% less than what they were previously paying with a traditional power source. Currently, Vivint Solar works in residential areas across six states and Washington, D.C. Just recently, the company announced it is continuing to expand its services in the West, specifically in New Mexico and Nevada. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly energy solution, Vivint solar panels might be the right solution for your home.

On its website, the company provides potential customers with a step-by-step process on what to expect if they decide to add solar panels to their home. The steps include conducting a preliminary consultation, planning solar panel design and installation, agreeing to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and allowing post-installation monitoring and maintenance. In addition, Vivint Solar states that a resident’s solar energy system should typically be installed within 24 hours, while other solar energy solutions can take days or even months to install.

Make an effort to research Vivint solar reviews

Before you decide that a residential solar energy system fits your energy needs, you should take time to research different solar companies and read business and/or customer reviews. Similar to other companies out there, Vivint solar reviews may be diverse, which is why it’s important to turn to a credible source when you gather information. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been known to provide trustworthy information on a wide range of businesses, including solar energy companies. The Vivint Solar BBB review states that the company is not currently BBB accredited. However, potential customers still have the ability to browse sections such as complaints, customer reviews and office directions.

Shopping for a solar energy solution might be a difficult task, but could guide you toward a system that works for you. Connect with us so that we can answer your questions and provide you with more information.

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