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  • Current solar markets: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Vermont
  • Primary office location: Oakland, California
  • Did you know? When Sungevity sells a solar energy system, it donates solar power light bulbs and/or cellphone charger kits to Zambian children who live off the grid. The company does this through its partnership with Empowered by Light.

Sungevity has a diverse customer base

Providing service to both homes and businesses, Sungevity wants to offer communities a solar energy system that will last. The company’s site claims that its systems are high quality, custom built and worry-free. With the uncertainty of fluctuating electricity rates, Sungevity states that customers could have the opportunity to secure lower rates just by making the decision to power their home or business with solar energy. However, before you choose to purchase a solar energy system from Sungevity, be sure to research the company as well as any credible Sungevity solar reviews.

For residents, Sungevity has created a remote solar design technology that can determine if their home is the right fit for a solar energy system. If so, the company provides homeowners with a quote and three custom solar options. This process allows the customer to choose a solar power system that best fits his or her household needs. Not only does Sungevity encourage customer choice, but it also conducts any preliminary evaluations online and/or over the phone.

In addition, Sungevity uses a remote aerial imaging system to design a custom solar power system for businesses. According to the company, there’s no on-site visit needed. Sungevity will manage the system’s design and everything else through its installation.

Sungevity and the community

In order to promote a solar-powered world, Sungevity works in more than 100 local, state and national partnerships and has helped raise more than $1.5 million for them. Some of the company’s partners include the American Diabetes Association, Clif Bar, Sony Pictures and Sierra Club. Not only do these partnerships help Sungevity educate community networks on solar energy benefits, but they also coordinate fundraising opportunities.

Find out if solar energy is right for your home or business

Sungevity customers might have access to three different financing options: purchase, lease or loan. Whatever the customer chooses, the system has a 24/7 monitoring system as well as a 20-year warranty. However, as a potential solar customer and user, make sure to do your research before choosing a solar power system. Explore the competitive options that may be available, read Sungevity solar reviews and consider other solar company reviews. If you’re still unsure if a solar power system is the right decision for your home or business, is here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Source: Updated: 7-15-15.