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Acquire Clean Energy with an NRG Solar Solution

  • Current solar markets: United States
  • Primary office locations: Princeton, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas
  • Did you know? NRG is in the process of designing a new facility in Princeton, NJ, and developing what will be one of the leading commercial sustainability sites in the U.S.


Are you looking to find a way to reduce your carbon footprint? A solar solution with NRG Home Solar may be the right decision for you. NRG solar offers energy systems for both homes and businesses, serving almost 3 million recurring retail customers. If you consider yourself a person who shops around for a variety of energy supply offers and rates, you may want to consider going solar. With NRG solar panels, you might have the opportunity to improve sustainability in your local area.

According to NRG Home Solar, the company offers residents affordable solar options with a $0 down lease. In addition, the company will maintain your solar energy system for your entire agreement. You can rest assured knowing that your solar panels are converting clean energy into electricity that will power your home.

NRG Home Solar in the community

Not only does NRG have a presence in the U.S., but the company is beginning to make larger impacts on a worldwide scale. For example, NRG currently powers the Lashto Fish Farm in Haiti, which serves as an important business location for the local community. The NRG solar panels have made the following positive changes and more to the fish hatchery. They help:

  • Convert solar power to oxygenate the fish tanks.
  • Conserve energy for a battery system, and that electricity is used on cloudy days and evenings.
  • Increase fish production, which has impacted job and business growth as a result.

Through these types of projects, the company is showing the world just how useful and impactful solar energy use can be. could help you

If you’re shopping around for energy supply rates within the U.S., you might want to find a solution that is more sustainable for your home or business. A solar energy system could give you access to cleaner and greener energy. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss a solar energy plan, can help you find what you’re looking for. Give us a call today!

Source: Updated: 7-17-15.