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Explore Options with Direct Energy Solar, formerly Astrum Solar

  • Current solar markets: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Primary office location: Columbia, Maryland
  • Did you know? For more than 15 years, Direct Energy’s group of companies, which includes Astrum Solar, has served about 6 million American residents.


In 2008, Astrum Solar was founded as a full-service solar provider, ranked as a top 10 installer and became recognized as a leader in the solar industry. Astrum Solar was acquired by Direct Energy in July 2014. According to Direct Energy Solar’s site, the company claims it still provides the same service, quality and affordable options even though it’s no longer considered Astrum Solar.

Now, Direct Energy assures that going solar gives residents better control of their energy expenditures. With expertise in home solar energy systems, Direct Energy Solar can customize your system and handle bigger tasks such as permitting, installations and inspections. According to the company, each customer is also assigned a Project Lead, who will be the main point of contact throughout the solar energy experience.

How do you know if solar energy is the right option for your home? The following are important factors to consider before going solar:

  • Roof area
  • Roof orientation
  • Roof shading

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that Direct Energy Solar installs its systems on the following roof types: tile, corrugated, asphalt shingle, faux slate and more. In order to ensure maximum exposure to the sun, solar panels typically work best on south-facing roofs.

The community and Direct Energy Solar

In March 2015, the company stated that it will add about 240 new jobs at its Maryland headquarters during the next three years. By 2017, Direct Energy Solar anticipates 315 new employees. The company claims to be passionate about stimulating jobs and new opportunities for its community.

Thinking about going solar?

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Source: Updated: 7-20-15.